So a couple of weeks ago I was on a hike in the foothills with one of my Anawim friends. We were on our way down and off the gravel onto pavement when I thought I heard a funny sound from the back end of the car. We stopped and found that my right rear tire looked like this:

Mind you, it only made a little funny noise.

It didn't even handle badly.

The Unctionmobile is a good car.


Last summer, I did exactly the same thing to my tire after making several attempts to climb a very steep, very rocky driveway from a cabin in SW Wisconsin. At the top of the driveway and about a quarter mile along the road in the most beautiful broad green valley I ever hope to see, I got the thump thump from the front wheel and found my tire entirely cut from the rim.

One result was that my little mini-spare tire had to do, and it had a max speed of 50 mph, which was lovely during the remainder of the country road driving, but a bit scary on the posted 70 mph interstate that I had to take for the last 200 miles or so. (Listened to an audio biography of Marvin Gaye for an hour of that trip . . . .)

I had intended to write something about that on my blog, but never got it done. (A Rage Against the Machine concert would have been part of the story, too.)
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