Regression Towards the Mean

A week ago Saturday we had an unbelievably beautiful day with temps bumping up at 80 degrees. Should have known that we would pay for 20 degrees above average! This is my blooming pink dogwood and snow on the roof.

This week it was 20 degrees blow average and we had mixed snow and hail!

These are my snow peas! HA!

Note the open dandelions behind them. Some of the dandelions had already gone to seed. Floating dandelion seed and snow are not supposed to go together.
What will happen next?
Fireflies and snow?
Will the Cubs win?

I suppose you meant regression toward the statistical mean, which I think is something like the average. But snow at the end of April is also regressing towards mean behavior.
LOL! oh dont confuse my poor mother with your mathematics witchery.

-Daughter #2
I would make a comment about your post, but I just looked out the window and saw...

Fat. Slushy. Snow. Flakes.

Coming from the sky.

Splattering on the Toyota's windshield.

And sticking.

At this rate, we'll have a hard freeze in June, and a balmy December.


Mike McGeehon
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