My Friends in Burundi

This is worship at Kamenge Friends church.

The view is from the elders bench.

The drummer is pastor David Niyonzima, who usually sits quietly on said bench but on this morning was so moved by the spirit that he rose and took the sticks away from the female drummer. This caused quite a rucus in the house.

The choir is the "Choir of the Mothers." You have to be the mother of many to get in. They are the social core of the church. Musically they are the most conservative of the choirs.

The beautiful lady at the far left is Alexia, she is the clerk of the meeting.

Today, everyone you see in this video is in harms way.

Any of them could be lost to a mortar round tonight.

I am praying for peace.

I join your prayer.
Not only do I also join in holding Friend in Burundi in the Light, but also those who have been resettled here in the US.

Thank you for helping us keep them more vividly in mind.

I took the opportunity, which I do not do very often, to call my children to the computer and invite them to watch the video of meeting for worship at Kamenge. I think that YouTube is making it much easier for Friends to learn about each other.
I have heard from DAvid Niyonzima, and he says that things are settling a bit. He has a way of undestatng things, but at least we know that all our friends and the church at Kamenge is ok.
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