Hero of the Faith

Morris Dees

Mr. Dees is the Director and Founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center. He has done more for civil rights in America than anyone living. He has fought more Nazis than Indiana Jones. He makes lawyers look good. And I must say he makes righteousness look sexy. He may ride with my pack anyday!

Self-righteousness, however is as un-sexy as ever. It is rare to find something funny in the SPLC's Intelligence Report. But Jennifer, a stringer for the SPG religion desk brought this in and I just couldn't resist. In an article about religious hate groups, the poison preacher makes a list of the groups he especially despises. They include..

"The federal government, abortion providers, the American Civil Liberties Union, communists, "sodomites," baby snipers, smokers, trick-or-treaters, Mennonites, hip-hop, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, policewomen, John Kerry, R-rated movies, the Internal Revenue Service, Mormons and Satan."

Boy, being a list keeper just gets harder all the time!

(baby snipers!?! babies with long range rifles? People with guns targeting babies?)

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