From Philemon - SPG stringer

Philemon is a young member of Kamenge Friends Church.
He writes to me:

hello Peggy. It is wonderful to hear from you. I hope you are ok. 3 weeks ago I finish the exams of this 2nd term and I was really quite proud of my grades. I hope in some 2 months I will graduate from secondary school. Pray that God will give peace in my country. Because there is no safety in all over Bujumbura and people begin to take refuge toward country side. Since Thusday 17 april our town have become a battlefield betwen the rebel troops and the government army;several bombes are dropped all over Bujumbura. Before yersterday 3 of my classmates were arrested and taken in jail by the policeman. Our head master tried to interven but in vain. We are now scared of going to school. But I hope our on-time God will guard us safe and free in this hard times that fell on our country. thanks a lot and God bless.

The "on-time" God is a favorite theme of my young Burundian Friends. A God who may not be early with help, but who will not be tardy. The help will arrive absolutely on-time. It is a practical faith that they have.
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