A glimpse of a Home I have never seen

Here is a video of Uvira Friends Meeting.
Uvira is in the Democtratic Republic of the Congo
just across the border from Bujumbura Burundi.

I never made it across this border, the easier one to cross, even though I made it to Goma in North Kivu.

But these are my friends. Alas!, the camera person is on the facing bench with those I know best. On their left I believe I see Manasa Kisopa, and Milenge Jean, But I am certain of the tall distinguished gentleman in the suit and tie as the camera pans right. That is Pastor Lusungu. He looks into the camera for a moment, and I feel as if he can see me. Jambo Lusungu!

All these men were my students and brothers in 2003. They all live in my prayers,
Thank you friends from Manchester for posting all these videos of Uvira and Abeka.

This brought me tears of joy and longing this morning!

I listened to both the videos of the opening songs of the Congo yearly meetings and scrolled through the flickr set. It is good to see Friends in action - for peace and development of well-being for all, as it says in their mission statement.
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