Easter Encouragement

My Father's Yellow Clivia bloomed again in time for Easter this year. It is such a joy to me.

The pup I separated last summer is doing fine. Two years old and counting. It has a 'twin' formation. I am wondering if my plant experts Elizabeth and Kenneth can weigh in about this phenomena.
Do I separate the two stalks at some point or leave it be?
Elizabeth has two pups of the same mother which are two years older than mine, I look forward to hearing that they have bloomed.
Thanks for the lovely photo!

Definitely leave it be. :-)

And they like having their roots crowded, so don't be over-eager to repot them, either.
The blossoms could not be more beautiful. Thank you for posting the picture.

I agree with Kenneth. Let it be.

They may separate themselves eventually, as they grow, and establish a colony in the pot.
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