Chief! Chief! It's a Scoop!

C: Don't Call me Chief!
JO: But Chief....

.... ... ... ... It has come to the attention of the Silly Poor Gospel News Desk that according to a reliable source (ok - the NYTIMES story pg 2 - ok, it's a QUAKER Blogoshere scoop!) When the Governor of New York, hires himself a 'Ho he calls up under the name of GEORGE FOX! ... ... ...

What the heck is up with that?
This blows the Oatmeal scandal right out of the water!
I read that this morning too. But the article went on to explain that George Fox is the name of a real and contemporary (and maybe former) friend of Spitzer's.

The plot thickens.
I just think prostitution should be legalized, taxed, and regulated. But then, I know I'm a very silly person.

-Daughter #2
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