Out of Africa

The Pastoral Letter out of Friends Church Kenya is, in my opinion, a truly amazing document. One for the ages. We read the first three pages aloud in meeting for Worship on Sunday at Freedom Friends. It has been noted elsewhere that it is a good thing that this is written on behalf of all Kenyan Friends, all 14 yearly Meetings. I do not know how much actual consultation was involved, but it grieves me that I do not have much optimism about the similar number of Yearly Meetings in North America being able to write or sign onto any similar document speaking to Our government/s.

However, let us celebrate the voice of our Kenyan Friends.

My favorite sentence - A universal sentance - a simply TRUE sentence.
A sentence that each of us can heed this election year.

Faith-based institutions should continue sending
that resonate the life affirming,
truth and justice-guided,
confession-based messages of their faith.

Amen and Amen
Thanks for sharing this. I forwarded the link to the letter to our monthly and quarterly meetings.

I excerpted the same point that you did and the part at the end where they offer the Quaker programs that they already have as part of the solution. I pray that Friends everywhere will look for opportunities to support them in their work.
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