I want to thank all the readers of this blog.

I started blogging about two years ago mostly because of Martin Kelly. There were a few Quaker blogs, he knew where they all were, and you could read all of them everyday. The conversation was lively, and I eventually found that comments were not enough and I jumped into the pool.

Like a lot of other people I owe a lot to, and my smart daughter Emily who gave my blog it's own look.

Quakerquaker cannot even keep track of all the Quaker blogs these days, but is still a great roundup. So is Quaker Zebby and the other sites that do a continuing roll.

With out the Quaker blogosphere, or the Q continuum as I like to call it I would not know Robin, or the term 'convergent.' I would not know Peterson Toscano, or Marvin Bloom. I would not have met Wess and Emily, I think Wess is going to turn out to be one of the influential Quaker thinkers of our day. I would not know my fellow Quaker Agitator who quits blogging more often than I post, but it's OK, 'cause we never believe him, because we can read his heart!

I miss Joe G, who quit and apparently meant it - come back Joe!

The 25 thousand visitors (well, visits, visitors would be some smaller #) have read 35 thousand pages of my ramblings. If I thought about that very long that would scare me.

I love having the sitemeter on the blog because not only can I have fun contests, but I get to see where you are all coming from. My guess is that less than half of my visits are from Quakers. That is because the most common referral is Google Search. Apparently my blog is fairly googleiscious, because it comes up on the top page for some pretty weird things. Like the probably spuriously attributed Confucian saying "He who seeks revenge should dig two graves." This is the number one google search that ends up on my page - it gets you to my post on my neighbor. The next most common search is "Hounds of Heaven". I bet most people searching this are really looking for something by C.S.Lewis, what they get is my post on Dog the Bounty Hunter.

I try and remember that when people end up on my sight, that it may be the first and only representation of Quakerism that they ever see. This does scare me. And inspire me.

I have regular readers from every continent and dozens of countries.
Hi Phil, hi Alex. I have had visitors from Mainland China, and Iran.

This blog has been a good posting place for my United Press International weekly columns. I am about to give that up at 100 columns. My columns or blog posts have been printed in Quaker Life and Friends Journal. Which I think is really cool and funny.

I know that this medium will morph and eventually be obsolete, but for now, it is still really useful.

Thank you, each and every one of you.
Stay tuned.
No more weekly UPI columns? Oh no!

Heh. I look forward to seeing what you come up with instead.
The UPI columns have been stellar. I am so glad to have met you via this funny medium and then in real life too!
Peggy keep up the wonderful work, and Emily and I hope to run into you again at some point (hopefully sooner rather than later). And thank you also for the extremely kind words, it will be wonderful to see how God uses all of us Friends!
Peggy, you're a continuing inspiration to me, despite the infrequency of my replies here.

As one of a small handful of representatives of the Quaker Faith with whom I'm acquainted, I'd say you're doing a stellar job of representing The Continuum!

Thanks for being here.

Maaahvelous, simply mahvelous. Congratulations! *mwaa* airkisses and happy hugs all around.

And we are grateful to YOU for writing about so many Spirited adventures.

-- Chris M.
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