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Friends World Media/ --
A web-based portal for Quaker media ministry.

After 18 months of inspiration and perspiration, the webcasting portal will with Divine assistance have a "soft launch" on January 1, 2008.

(editor's note, the soft launch is Up -

The organizing committee is actively seeking Friends from all points on the Quaker continuum and all parts of the world to join us. We particularly need folks who can put some focused time into outreach, webmastering (Ruby on Rails), and developing a business plan. The organizing committee conducts its business by email and conference call.If you are called to discern what being "Publishers of Truth" will really mean for 21st century Friends, please contact us.

Pamela Calvert, Clerk:
Friends World Media/ is a sponsored project of the Quaker Institute for the Future.

(editor's note - re-posts and links of this material are welcomed)
Woman, YOU ROCK!

I'm not a Quaker, though everything I've ever heard from you folks has rung true. I guess I just can't shut up for long enough to "participate" in one of your meetings.

But God bless you all for your good works, and for your unwavering commitment to peace. I'm totally with you on that.
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