Early Christmas Present

For Gregg

You are awesome!
why thank-you!
that is a license plate of a sovereign nation - the Osage!
It is on the van of Hominey Friends Church, my ride last weekend to the Quaker Women's Conference of Mid-America, Great Plains and South Central Yearly meetings. more later
Funny, I've seen photos of that license plate before. Could it be the most photographed Quaker license-plate in the US?
Well, it's certainly photo worthy. But Hominy Friends is really rather out of the way, being on the Osage reservation in Oklahoma. Angie Bush, member of Hominy and the Osage told me that when the tribe bought their res from the Cherokee in 1906 that they plotted ground for a church in the town center and then chose a church from a list. the Osage chose Friends.

The tribe issues its own plates.
My first impulse was that my grandmother would get a kick out of this. Then I remembered she's been gone a long time. Sometimes I forget.

She was a pastor to a small group of Native Americans in Modoc, Oklahoma in the 30's. Her family's home was in the back of the church and I think she made all of $5.00 a month.
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