Sweet Home Chicago

No UPI this week or next

I am going home to Chicago to my brother's house.

His daughter Jessica will be waking up in the room that I woke up in for 18 years and she will walk the same route the five blocks and in the Kindergarten classroom door that I went into.

I want to go take the walk with her for a few days and see what kind of wisdom her five year old head has for me.

Here's Jessica on a rather forlorn April day in Chicago

At least the snowman is smiling. He got an extra four weeks of life.
DEar Peggy: I'm on the planning committee for the ?th biannual Quaker Women's Conference, in Oklahoma, the one you will be attending, Nov. 1-4. This weekend we had our 4th face-to-face committee meeting & got a lot done, with a lot more to do. One of the things we did was divide everyone up in Home Groups, with a leader, trying to mix the "traditions". You and I are in the same Home Group (I can't tell you the number [I think there will be 7 HG's] or the name of the HG leader, but it's not you or me). I just thought I'd say "Hi". There are fewer women from Evangelical fellowships going to the conference, so far, and I'm one of them. We evangelical Quakers have been commissioned to recruit a few more of our number, before the conference, which is only a month away! Next week is our big Yearly Meeting Friends Women's Retreat - totally different than the Quaker Women's Conference.
I look forward to it, mostly because I'll see women I don't see regularly. Only 5 women are going from our fellowship. There may be 250, all told, meeting at a hotel in beautiful downtown Joplin, MO.

Anyway, I will be interested to become better acquainted with you.

One of our (male) pastors has a motorcycle - much against his wife's wishes - it's not a Harley.

God's continuing care to you & to your elder.

Lorraine Boyd
UNiversity Friends Meeting
Wichita, KS
She's an absolute Doll, woman. And I bet she has the Wisdom of the Innocent. I envy (no, I appreciate) your opportunity to connect with it.
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