Two More Rwandan Students - Uurineza Claudine

Claudine is 16 years old and in the first form, a freshman in HS.
She is still a general student and has not specialized which happens in the middle of secondadry school. She was born and still lives in Gihanga which is a two hour walk from the school.

Her father is dead, her mother is living but ill, with four children. This probably means AIDS, although it could be TB or a host of other things.

She is a member of the friends church and is in school because her pastor in Gihanga has prevailed upon the headmaster to keep her. She was reported to be a very good student. She eats one meal a day. She walks four hours a day, then she helps her mother when she gets home.

She loves Chemistry, Math and physics. She asked us the most amazing question. She loves the sciences but has been advised to study something more 'practical' espcially for a girl. She asked me if I thought it was possible to benefit humanity by studying science - she truly did not know the answer to tha
t one.


Please let Uurineza Claudine know that a woman in the Northeast has found the study of science personally enriching, and it has enabled her to serve her country and her community well.

I realize that she does not live in North America. Nonetheless, if science and math speak to her mind, I sense that this is the way for her to go.

I am praying for her, as a sister in science as well as a sister in the Lord.
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