Pursuit of Happiness

As far as this blogger is concerned there is not a whole lot better than an afterdark motorcycle ride on a hot night. Add to that my favorite outdoor group activity - watching fireworks - AND a very successful game of Guerrilla Croquet and what could be a better tribute to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Freedom Friends Church gathered to eat Barbequed Whatever you got, and...

Guerrilla Croquet is played on a very rough course for individual skill, by a simple stroke count formula. Our Par 90 course had a water hazard, a pea gravel pit, extremely rough and unpredictable terrain inlcuding stretches of concrete, lots of hills and holes and a full sized Liberty bell that you rang with your mallet as you made a particularly wicket. Some of our more mathematically advanced members played not only with real but imaginary numbers.

The Fireworks were at Mount Angel. A small municipality outside of Salem. They let you lay out on the football field as they blow off the pyrotechnics directly over your heads at not too high an altitude. Depending on the wind flow you can get ashes in your mouth if you oo and ah too much. They had lots of fancy rockets last night, but my favorites are the big boomers that you feel deep in your chest.

Then the ride home in the dark on curvy farm roads. They irrigate at night this time of year so there were water hazards there as well. We had 92 degrees yesterday and for a couple of hours after dark on a day like that the pavement radiates heat so you can ride in the dark and still feel very comfortable - temp wise. We took some familiar but curvy back roads. Couldn't see through the turns so we were riding by faith not by sight - Didn't the Apostle say something good about that? It was crystal clear last night and we could see all the stars - "ride towards the dipper - turn now away from the dipper - now turn back - Ha thought I remembered this road!"

Grateful Indeed!

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