My all time favorite president and a darn good theologian

From The West Wing.
aimed, I presume,
at Dr. Laura.
Still good fun.

While I agree with the theological point in general, somehow that didn't feel like fun to me. The "pres" seemed almost as sanctimonious and arrogant as his intended target. "A taste of your own medicine" has a certain appeal, but this seemed more like an exercise in humiliation than a call to understanding and tolerance. As a straight, white male who has suffered little in the way of discrimination, however, perhaps my appreciation for this "comeuppance" is not what it might be otherwise.

Of course, this is TV, and anything more nuanced than a "shoot out" would perhaps be asking too much.

On the other hand, the "put down the duckie" clip was very cool. I shared it with our meeting's discussion list, and we got a fair amount of mileage out of the theological implications!
Well, yes, the enjoyment of comeuppance, even fictional comeuppance is not the most noble of entertainments.

but fun never the less for us plebes. Me needs me breads and circuses at times.

Jed Bartlett is my favorite president BECAUSE of his flaws not inspite of them.

Glad the duckie theology spoke more closely to your condition.
Now the muppets taking on a Dr. Laura character, that I'd like to see!
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