Meet Mukantaganira Sylvie

Sylvie is 18 years old and in the 5th form.She was born in Kichukiro.

She has living parents, but they are so poor that they have been choosing to feed the children once a day and feed themselves only once every other day.

There are no jobs and no money for school fees. They have three children and three children who are orphans that they have adopted. Two of the six are in school.

Her father travels out to the villages to do work for food. She likes to sing and sings in the Kagarama Church youth choir.

I asked her how her life was going and she said in English "50/50". When I asked her to explain she said the good part was that she was in school. The bad part was that there was no medicine when she was sick and that sometimes there is no food. She hopes to finish her studies in accouting and continue her schooling.

I asked Augustin, who was translating, if it was more important to get Sylvie food and medicine, rather than school fees. He told me that if we gave her money for those things that she would pay her school fees anyway. Education is the absolute priority for these kids. They are resolute. They are determined.

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