Meet Mukankiko Josiane

Mukankiko Josiane

Josiane is 25 years old. She is in the 6th form. She was born in Kichukiro far from Kigali. Her mother died when she was in the 4th form. Her father died in the 94 genocide when she was 13. She lost years of school after each parent's death. She lives alone with her younger brother who is also in secondary school. Where she lives there is no public water – you have to buy water. She says that she has a good neighbor who once a week lets her use soap and water to wash herself and her uniform. Last week she was dismissed from school because she could not pay fees. She has been coming anyway, and they have let her sit in class this week. She has been feeling ill. She likes her accounting class and just wants to finish school so that she can help her brother finish. (Josiene is very shy, looks at the floor while she speaks)