Les Vulnerables Update

Well, It has been a very good week for some Rwandan Students.

Two collections were taken at Northwest Yearly Meeting in Newberg for this Portland Area project. Friends are excited to do something cooperative with their African Sister Yearly Meeting.

This week , Readers of This Blog, have used that paypal button and contributed 30 WEEKS of schooling for Rwandan Orphans!
On their behalf, I THANK YOU

If we had one more contribution of $35 US we would send one child to school for one full year. What say you Friends?

A friend asked for weblinks to the organizations working on this.

Rwanda Yearly Meeting does not have a web site:
but here is their presence at Friends World Committee for Consultation
Evangelical Friends International will be transmitting the funds internationally. They have people on the ground in Kigali.
Northwest Yearly Meeting is the Yearly Meeting for the Portland area.
The Portland area itself has no web presence, but the churches working the hardest on this project are West Hills Friends Church and Reedwood Friends Church. Carrie Hutchinson is the point person and a member of Reedwood, if you want to contact her personally write to me and I will send you her address.