Hero of the Faith - Joss Whedon

Here is Joss Whedon creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and one of my favorite theologians. He is receiving an award from Equality Now. You can let it load and slide forward past Meryl to about the 3:30 point if you like. It is the last two minutes where he really cranks it up and preaches! Take your time and listen, turn up the volume the sound quality is not that great, but I could not find another copy.

Joss changed my world and I am proud to share planetary space with him

Hi there! I've been a lurker on your blog for a short time now and was so captivated I had to look up Joss's biography on Wikipedia! Wow, not bad for an atheist-leaning agnostic! :-)

I just have to say I love your thoughts. Keep writing and as often as possible!
Thanks for dropping by Ray.
Joss is a classic enigma. He claims agnostic, but if you judge the tree by the fruit he is a deeply spiritual fellow, perhaps a great theologian.

"buffy" is all about the meaning of "call", sacrificial love, faith, hope vs. despair,empowerment, and a dozen other theological concepts.

He isn't fooling me with the agnostic talk.
Thanks for this, Peggy. I'll be quoting his "Equality is like gravity" line frequently, I'm sure.

Elder Progeny, bless her little Sapphic Soul, was singing his praises just last night, and here he is again... guess I was supposed to notice!

As an aside from an a-theist, I don't believe the kind of "spirituality" exhibited by Mr. Whedon is necessarily "Deo-centric;" my similar outlook stems from holding Nature as my source. The "wheel of life" is so humbling and simultaneously empowering, and so damn "democratic" as to engender all the great theological viewpoints I've ever encountered.

Strangely, so very few of these concepts retain their natural purity when filtered through the lenses of Organized Religions...
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