A call out of the blue (or red)

I was having one of those days where I was wondering if I was really making good choices for my life. And my phone rang and it was the reading clerk of the Oregon Senate and he wondered if I could come down on Tuesday and say the opening prayer for them. It is a small thing, but felt very confirming at the time. I wonder how many seconds of Quaker silence I can get out of them.

They might need more than a token Quaker hour... but of course you'll need to find out what you're called to ask of them.

Anyway. Please drop by A Quaker Watering Hole, consider joining--and I particularly hope for your reactions to the Catholic Worker piece, re what might (and should) be done to bring Friends closer to this kind of way of life?
What an apalling building. Is that Mussolini on top?
That's our State Capitol!
On top is a gigantic generic pioneer. He was guilded (yes really actually guilded) by contributions of pennies by children all over the state.
Apparently he was just standing there for a while because during the spring break Quake of 1994 he rocked and did a 1/8th revolution. After that they bolted him down I think.
How did it go?
YES, how did it go? We need to know if they were all dressed like hippies.
Scroll up, friends!
I made a whole post of the answer!
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