All the Cool Quaker Babies are Doing This!

This is Calder. He is a brand new resident of the planet. He is a very hip character as you can tell by the robot shirt.
Calder is a lucky kid, He has a great family and all the stuff a baby could want. So when the people in his village decided to have a welcome to the planet party, Calder decided to have them spare the presents and cough up some bucks for some kids in Rwanda who don't have what they need and don't have a family. Calder raised better than 300 buckos at his party!
Way to go dude!
(watch this space for more news about Calder's favorite project)
(disclaimer; Calder reserves the right to rips open packages and beg for cool video games at a later date)

aww I love the little look on his face. Isn't it very Quaker to start social action so young?

peace and joy,
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