ok - Let's start some Burundi pics

The project of processing my trip still feels pretty overwhelming,
but I know if I start it will roll.

Here are a couple of pics to illustrate that last UPI column about the bus

(Sensitive and vegetarian Friends may wish to look away)

This is me eating goat on a stick. picture taken by a member of the bus group.

This is how you buy goat on a stick through the window of the bus.

This is what the goat looks like before they BBQ it. It just hangs out there in the hot sun all day. Flys and all. They leave the tail on as truth in advertising - you know what critter you are getting. YOu can tak a half goat home to the fam it you like. I was grateful that no one on my bus needed to stock up that day.

I was hungry, and I was thankful to God and the goat for the nourishment, and to my fellows on the bus for taking care of me.

You can be grateful that I didn't take pic of the toilets!

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