soon to Go

This has been a quiet week of preparation and report writing. Time for some adventure.
Saturday morning I will be leaving Buja and will head north by public transport to Kigali Rwanda, where I will visit with my student of 03 Augustin Habimana and worship at Kagarama Friends. I should see The Thomas's and Chrissy Muir. Then from there west across the border into the Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo. I will be visiting another student Benjamin Kasao, who is attempting to Replicate THARS in the DRC.

I will do a one day training in Goma and then back to Kigali and then back to Buja on Thursday of next week. The first border crossing should be easy, the entry into the Congo is more interesting I hear.

I will not be carrying my computer or anything else that I do not wish to lose, so I will be incommunicado for a week. after that I will have only five days in Burundi. ONe of them will be spent teaching - so from now until flight time will be pretty busy.

I have not been posting much - I think my heart is full, but I have all the stories on file, I may spend the month of March processing. Hope my regular readers will tolerate that.

Holding you in the Light...
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