Quick note

We are down from the moutains after a week in Gitega.
It is late Sunday night.
Turns out that Buja is at 2500 ft and Gitega is a 5700. Denver on stress hormones.
I will write tomorrow about what we were doing up there.
all is well.
I got to spend a lot of time using a Machete.
here are a couple of friends of mine
The BBC covered the flood and food crisis in Burundi today. I don't know if you can get the link, but here it is:
we had another shake the house t-storm and deluge last night. Fully expected to see Noah floating by at firat light. The roads are getting bad.

I leave saturday for Kigali Rwanda and Goma in the DRC. I will be traveling by public transport straight through the famine/flood area of Ngozi. If the rains don't stop the crops will be lost in the whole country.
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