new month


Really? Guess so. We just received 10 engineers and architects to work on the THARS center Gitega plans. Derek and I have cleared our week to be their big brother and sister. One of them has a bandaged hand from a Colordao sledding accident. This seems like news from another planet. First thing in the morning we go up country for the week. Won’t get near a connection until next weekend. Too much is happening to write about. I preached the sermon at Kamenge Friends this morning. Way too much fun, danving and preaching in the same service. We are healthy. My tan is coming along. I have lost a few pounds. All to the good.

Going to scoop the UPI again and post Tuesday’s column here since I will not be able to do so on Tuesday. Don’t tell Larry Moffitt!

Have a great week



like Larry doesn't read your blog. Puleeez!
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