leaving on a jet plane

So I am back safely from the Congo.
Knocking some things off my 'to do 'list for going home.
doing some shopping
giving away most of my american kit.
did some serious dancing in church.
quiet dinners with the intimates.
playing with the kids.

tomorrow the plane
I have way too many stories to put on this slow connection.
when the jet lag wears off I will start writing.
I have boo coup pics but cant send them from here either.

so tuesday through friday transit

please pray that my public transit karma will morf a bit.
I totalled a bus or two getting to and from Goma.
would hate to wreck a plane.

see you soon
One of the nice things about blogs is that they will wait for you.

Safe journey - and a safe re-entry. Or at least a rapid trip and a slow re-entry.

Thank you for your faithful writing during this sojourn.
Welcome home, Peggy.
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