Your blogging Dollars at Work

The author taking a turn in the dirt on the new foundation for the classroom
at the Gitega Center
Hi Peggy, you're always raising the bar on us bloggers. That looks like some mighty honest labor!
A lost message from Robyn asked about me wearing pants. Burundi has no restrictive female dress code, and if there was one, I would be exempt. The general rule, however is dress up as much as possible, as often as possible. Burundians stayed coiffed and pressed in oppressive heat and dirt.
It takes a lot of work to stay presentable.

Up country I wear my wranglers and silver tipped boots and am quite appreciated. But up country they don't see folks who look like me very often, and I am appreciated just for the novelty.

Derek could pass for Bono if they knew who bono was.

The dirts is very red, Raye, I think your comment fell through the cracks too.

Thank everybody for you patience and time
stay tuned
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