The Women's shelter

This is the women's center outside Giheta that is described below at "week two"
It needs plaster, metal window frames and a floor.
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why does the first door here have temporary looking stones in it?
Peggy, what a treat to see the pictures and hear more about goings on around Gitega. I am thinking of you, and of the friends there. Please send them smiles from me, and thanks for the inspiration they impart through your blog. The soil looks so much like the Georgia red clay I grew up in. Shalom.
The building is not yet in use. Those temporary stones block the door from animals moving in - a smart critter could still get in, but not a cow or goat they tell me. Norma;;y a big problem with buildings in progress is that the neighborhood tends to use it as a latrine. There was no filth in the house, and David and consolata take this as a sign of God's protection - me too.
they need real doorsand windows
bet that paypal button still works.
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