3 Jubilee

Backing up a bit.
So last Sunday was my 49th birthday. I have started my jubilee year, having completed seven sevens of years. I am doing a study on the Biblical Jubliee. My first observation is that it is all about equality. Raising the low, and the high willingly and joyfully making themselves low. Jubilee does not believe in the myth of scarcity or hoarding. If God has been good to you and you have done well, it is time to lighten up, in the assurance that as bounty came once, so it will come again. So it was no surprise that God started the lesson by letting us arrive without our kit. Daniella put her own pj’s on me. Two Quaker friends left the day after I arrived and we gratefully took all their left over toiletries Derek had to beg underwear. When Felicity, our hostess understood what he was asking, and that he was willing to put on her husband’s undershorts, she was truly shocked – more than willing to help – but shocked.

We arrived on a Saturday so it was two days before we could change any money and shop for even the simplest of things.

The second theme of jubilee is celebration. Well, we have that in trump cards. Kamenge friends had a choir concert in our honor on our first Sunday. They can really CRANK IT UP! They have keyboards and electric guitars and big speakers but the musicians still don’t drown out the five choirs. I danced, and I mean danced! In church on my birthday. Jubilee indeed!

4- who are the people in our neighborhood.

Derek and I are staying in the house of David Niyonzima, and his wife Felicity Ntikurako. They have four children; Daniella( my charge dáffairs) 17, Elie 15, Yoyo 13, and Anna 8. We have a housekeeper, Gilbert who takes care of us all, food, clothes, sanitation., Bukuru is the gatekeeper and gardener. There is a young uncle, constantin (Cosi) who is studying here. He gave up his quarters to me.

At the office we have David’s secretary Dina, Anicette the accountant, Charles, Feli, and a few others. This is Buja HQ.
There are six listening centers around the country.

5 – News

Monday the 8th of January

Derek has gone up to Kigali to buy equipment or instruments for the musicians of Burundi. He went with THARS man Charles. D is having big adventure quickly.

The other evening the boys were worshipping at the House of Cool at Derek’s feet in the back yard. I said to one of them, “I used to be the coolest muzungu you knew” “oh. Peggy, you are still the coolest of the women – and you are still the best dressed of all the wazungu!” well, that’s something at least. I bet I could get back some cool points if I could get my hands on a motorcycle.

Bikes are now plentiful in Buja, they are the main taxi business. Little Chinese made things, 125cc max – kick start. One million five, francs. I have a million five. I am a millionaire here. The temptation is real.

no posts till Friday - going upcountry tomorrow for 24. I will not be driving so maybe there will be photos.

today this connection is good. Friday who knows.
stay tuned
Methinks there is some cosmic humor about being in church on your birthday.
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