Testing - with request for regular readers

First timer visitors - please ignore the donation button to the left and the following requests.

Regular Readers
Update: test successful in Kroners, Pounds and Dollars - Thanks you Friends Alice, Alex and Kenneth - more info tomorrow
Well now, Peggy, $1 is just a waste of time. I clicked through just fine, and it seemed to work as expected. I think you should edit the description--"Thars" is a bit cryptic, when the button on your blog just says "make a contribution."

I've had a check sitting in an envelope since your post about the trip, but I've been home with a cold and it won't be mailed til Monday.
Testing, one, two, three...
Kenneth, Thank-you, and Thank-You.
I was having difficulty figuring a way to deal with foreign currency, and this seems to work for both US and Foriegn, with 3% fee loss. This is acceptable.

We will work on the button and the description when my web person gets back from vacation. And I will be writing more posts about THARS and Burundi.

Your help with this, and your coming envelope will do more than you can imagine.

This was a test of the paypal currency exchange process. It works. I lost a small percentage in fees, and the money has trnasferred to my bank. I will put a fresh request, and better explanation up soon.
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