Dangerous Quakers Summary

Jesus was dangerous to the world order.
The early church was dangerous.
Early Friends were dangerous.
The Sermon on the Mount is a dangerous document.
Those who live it will be dangerous.
DQ’s upset conventional wisdom and replace it with Gospel Order.
DQ’s submit to Divine transformation.
Truth is the agent of transformation.
Transformation always expresses itself in action.
God’s peace is alignment with God’s purposes.
This alignment brings conflict with evil.
DQ’s are willing to face loss to be transformed.
DQ’s speak and live truth boldly.
DQ’s resist fear mongering and manipulation.
DQ’s resist isolation and polarization.
DQ’s can engage lovingly with “the other.”
DQ’s can stand in the midst of a creative, paradoxical tension.
DQ’s recognize truth in others.
DQ’s can even non-anxiously engage those promoting lies as truth.
DQ’s resist idolatry.
DQ’s understand and live in freedom.
DQ’s know God’s love intimately.
DQ’s understand the world’s need for what they have.
DQ’s do not live in captivity to fear or anger.
DQ’s accept that they may be called to prophetically speak the truth.
DQ’s work at bold humility.
DQ’s are grounded in God and practice spiritual disciplines.
DQ’s have a passion for justice.
DQ’s hold their expectations lightly.
DQ’s believe that God is among us and accessible to everyone.
DQ’s cooperate with God’s agenda.
God’s agenda is that every soul knows God’s love and lives freely in it.
Abbott/Parsons fall 2006

I've been planning a session for 9-14 year olds in the Meeting called 'Fierce Quakers', but now I think I'll change it to 'Dangerous Quakers'.

What do you mean by "DQ’s hold their expectations lightly"? That one really hit me for some reason.
Your posts from DQs could not have been more timely. Thanks again. I have a different approach now to the situations I had felt were intractable. There are still difficult days, but they are not as confusing. I'm not kicking against the goads as often or as hard.

Perhaps someday I'll be riding my Virago westward, and you'll be riding eastward, and we'll meet in the middle!

Meantime, may all be well with you.
Julian, I think this stuff would be great for that age group - I would like to hear how it goes.

By holding expectations lightly, we mean this:

We are flexible. We work towards certain and clear goals, but we know that the outcome is up to God, not us. We measure success by faithfulness and obedience, not my the world's measurement criteria. It is about focusing on process not product. We expect to be surprised by God.
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