Second handout from Second week

Peggy talked about the dangers and possibilities of transformation
Encouraged us to think about honestly articulating
the likely conditions of the path we reccomend and profess to be on.

the handout below is such an articulation
put in the style of a prescription drug
warning and information sheet.

An Honest disclaimer
About a life lived
In the presence of Christ

Therapeutic effects: You can expect…

Soul awakening, Wider vision, Better vision,

Better self-esteem+ humility,
Increased resiliency, Healing,
More self-control+ surrender,
Soul peace, Occasional joy,
Intermittent clarity.

This remedy does not produce:

Wealth, Unremitting happiness,
Physical or Relational peace,
Physical health, Safety, Certainty.

Possible Side Effects:

Loss of friends, New Friends,
Frequent change of ideas and behaviors,
Loss of favorite coping skills,
Loss of favorite excuses, Public scorn,
Frequent confusion, Risk of Jail time, Only rarely - death.

If these side effects are disturbing please talk to your maker.

Good stuff! I like these handouts and I'm glad that your provide them on your blog as posts.
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