Widows/THARS update

The pictures below are of groundbreaking outside of Gitega for the new THARS general offices. The government of Burundi granted THARS this land with the condition that they build on it within one year. While David Niyonzima was here he raised enough funds to start a building. What you see here are the architects and local women hired to do the sod breaking and ground prep. I see several of the widows from my class in these pictures. One of the interventions that THARS did for these women was to give them a locking closet at their office for their hoes. If you have a hoe you can work, but if anyone can steal your hoe with impunity you will not work long. The Intervention of a safe nighttime storage place was life-saving for some of these women and their children. It is good to see their faces. I wish I was there to raise a hoe with them.

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