This is the references for my chat about convergence at the women's conference.

The essential reference for those who want to be part of the Quaker conversation on the web is Facilitated by Martin Kelly of FCG, sometimes known as the blogfather, and a group of readers. If you can bookmark this site and look at it once a week you can get a general overview of the best of the quaker converstion on line.

I do not know how many Quaker bloggers there are - probably hundreds. Martin has written a subjective guide to quaker blogs that I think is good. His "essential blogs" list on the right hand column of this page is good to my thinking. I follow about 45 blogs.

I would suggest that you start by looking at Quakerquaker, then start making comments here and there. A lot of the best converstion goes on in the comments section, but you can't see the comments unless you go to the actual blog site by clicking on the title.

If you want to get into the conversation in a big way write your own blog! Start at and following their instructions set one up using their templates. Many of the prettier sites have been set up by people who can write code. You may know a young and/or smart person who can do this. This is free.

If you want to keep a list of your own favorite blogs you can use this is also a free service that allows you to put blogs on a list which you look at and can see who has a new post. This is what I do. In the morning over coffee I look at my list - if I am short for time I just read one or two. If I can linger I read more. I find it more edifying than excessive news surfing.
Wow -- thanks, Peggy! Free advertising!
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