Carlton Pearson
HERO of the Faith
is hereby intiated into my motorcycle club

watch this two part video all the way through and be prepared to be inspired.

The Quote I LOVE from the very end

First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they FIGHT you
And then...

You WIN!!!!

I am spending part of this week working on a new home for Freedom Friends Church
This was just the dose of perspective that I needed.

Many thanks to the beautiful heresy for this heads up!

Thank you for letting us know about Carlton Pearson's story. Wow.

I have a hunch the congregation where he was healed was SF Refuge Ministries, where Yvette Flunder is the pastor:
Her bio is here.

-- Chris M.
I have been to City of Refuge
I thought that looked like Yvette too! What a place. Between her church and glide, I doubt I would ever make it into a quaker meeting in SF.
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