Back from the women's Conference

Here is the link for my post on convergence.

the promised references are now in the post below.

Women who are on this blog for the first time and heard about it at the conference
please click on the "comments" and say Hi. This will also be good practice for
participating in the Quaker blogosphere.

THIS is the post that started it all by Robin Mohr, San Francisco Monthly Meeting.

You will see in the 19 comments that you can follow links to names or posts. This will take you to a lot of interesting places.

Robin will have an article on convergence in the Fall issue of Friends journal

C. Wess Daniels is a doctoral student at Fuller. He is from EFI, eastern region in Here You can read Wess' article on convergence in Quaker Life.

Here is a post by an EFI friend reacting fairly negatively to convergence - then read her update and the comments! Thsi post in on Xanga another free place on the web to have a blog.
How was the conference?!
Alivia Biko has posted her blogging references on her blog
Hi Peggy, as promised, I wrote up my notes about the safety/fear message you gave. Hope this link works for you!
Yeah, inquiring minds still want to hear more about the conference.
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