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Last weekend we were graced by the presence of Kody of Unwavering bands of light

Freedom Friends Church was delighted to
welcome Kody to worship.

Later I took K over to the beach for some
rock climbing.

Here is Kody converging with the Pacific Ocean

Kody is from Miami MM, SEYM, Florida

apparently the ocean is warmer down there.


Here is Kody having a VERY

convergent conversation with an

immature banana slug.

Great pictures, great to see Kody visiting up with you guys! Might we see a post on Unwavering about the visit (hint hint!)?
aww what a cute little banana slug. dont think ive ever seen one that small.

although the other day i found the biggest non banana slug ive ever seen. i thought it was a medium rock bout two inches long and rather round. then i realized it was squishy.
We might, Martin, who knows? ;)
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