Report from NWYM concerning FWCC

By special correspondant to SPG,
Anna Baker, North Valley Friends Church, NWYM, EFI
former field rep FWCC
Friday July 28, 2006, 9pm PST

The FWCC Study Committee sent out a minute to the churches in May. It had 10 points including affirmation of the call several of us have to working with FWCC. The last point recommended that we withdraw formal affiliation with FWCC but affirm out call and ask FWCC to use us to the fullest extent. That is asking for our cake and asking to eat it too.

Several churches sent minutes to the YM requesting that we not withdraw our affiliation. I think there was one supporting the minute. Those were all read to the reps on Saturday. I was not in that meeting.

They scheduled two information times on Monday and Tuesday for 1½ hours. These were challenging. I thought the second one went better than the first. Our FWCC visitor from New England YM spoke passionately about “We want you there. Please come.” We knew FWCC would not come to business until Thursday.

Thursday morning was phenomenal. It was truly a covered, centered meeting more so than I have experienced before. It lasted three hours including time for a ½ hour break. I was afraid the break would change the dynamics but it didn’t. People were kind and really listened to each other. There was sharing on each side of the issue. Lon Fendall did not clerk this meeting since he is the FWCC member on the QUNO committee. Don Staples clerked it and did a wonderful job. Don had asked two people to work with him as he clerked. Ron Mock, our recording clerk, did not take minutes since he had clerked the Study Committee. The three of them worked on a full-page minute that was available to us just after 4 pm that day. Many were waiting to have a copy to see the minute as soon as it arrived from printing. It acknowledged angst some felt about being affiliated and also the call of some to be involved. It did state that we would remain affiliated.

This morning, Friday, was more stressful than yesterday. Some who wanted us out came prepared to challenge the minute. I think we worked on this for two hours today. There was some wording change and it sounded like we would lose our affiliation at times. We are still affiliated. Some agreed to accept the minute. A few said they wouldn’t and wouldn’t stand aside. They were told they could have their names listed as not approving the minute. I did not see people come up to put their name on a list following the meeting.

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