Quel Suprise!

Saw my copy of QL in the mailbox,
knew it had Blogger Wess in it.
Thought it was cool that he gave links
to Robin and Martin.
thought it was way cool that my friend
Danny-boy Gilliam was in there
(he's doing a Colorado, post-mod,mega-church thing)
Then I noticed an article called
Quakers: not just for Breakfast anymore
I thought - wow - that's getting around
then saw it was MY column
then remembered that Trish had asked
and I had said ok,
sometime ago.
she said she
hoped to find room for it someday.
I forgot.
The renegade path
has been very good to me.
Hee hee hee! Thanks, Peggy. It helped me to laugh after tearing up about Alex's epitaph. Nicely done.

Chris M.
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