3:33 pm (PST) July 28 Friday

The SPG newsdesk has received a first report that Northwest YM has approved remaining affiliated with FWCC. Our editors are working to confirm this report.

Most EFI yearly meetings are not affiliated with FWCC, often citing the Pauline instruction to "be not unequally yoked with unbelievers"(2 corinthians 6:14). NWYM affiliated two years ago. That affiliation was challenged last year and a study group was appointed. That study group brought back the recomendation that the YM officially disaffiliate, but encourage those who felt so called to continue to participate. Today's new is that this recommendation was not approved.

stayed tuned to this station for further news.

3:57 pm

Have received confirmation from an unnamed source present at the meetings that affiliation will indeed continue with FWCC.

5:17 pm

this just in from Nancy Yarnall, NW field rep FWCC

"I am thrilled with the decision of NWYM to continue affiliation with FWCC. "


Wow. Cool.
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