Feeling dangerous - part 2

Thanks for the encouraging comments
really, I mean it.
But now I want to see the next ten reasons why
YOU are a dangerous Quaker.
What thing do you do, or refrain from doing
that if everyone followed your example
would rock the world?
What industry, policy, administration, societal habit
would fall?
Who want to start with reason #11?
I believe and assume that God speaks to anyone and everyone, even Pentecostals and women and my athiest friends from high school. I actually encourage people to say what they think they hear from God, and I listen to it to the best of my ability.
That's a good Number 11! If religious intermediaries became unecessary the Religion Industry would take a huge hit - watch out or the Priory of Scion may knock at your door late some night! You are dangerous!

Now who has number 12?
Dangerous Friend Paul has a great post on Showers of Blessings

Music is so Dangerous!
Re-reading this, I hope everyone understands my sarcastic use of the word "even". Others seem to see the three I listed as somehow of lesser value, but I certainly don't.
If I wait to have clever wording for all this, I'll never answer the question.

#12 I don't have a television. (This has too wide ranging an impact to cover all of it here.)

#13 I regularly worship without a pastor to tell me if I'm doing it right. (No offense to present company intended.)

#14 I change my mind.

#15-17 I don't smoke, gamble, drink alcohol, or wear cosmetics.

#20 I mend my clothing.

#21 I talk to strangers. (I just didn't think of this as a spiritual practice until I met Peggy)

#22 I teach children history and communication skills and to listen to what God tells them. (Not just my own either.)

#23 I ask obvious questions that often start with "Why?" (Some would call this a lack of tact or lack of proper respect for authority. Archbishop Romero called this faithfulness.)
Damn Skippy! Now we're talking!
Industries falling, economies changing - but think about what we would have resources to spend on, if not in these areas.
24) I make my clothing rather than depend on fashion to tell me what to wear.

25) I am comfortable in my own skin, despite efforts to deter me in this.

26) I am unafraid, despite the constant fearmongering.

27) I still laugh.
I think that the ability to resist fearmongering is a spiritual superpower that makes us darn near invincible and hence VERY dangerous!
I have chosen to follow the leading and opportunity to be a witness to love, respect and peacefulness in a place where these are apparently little understood, and sorely needed. It would be much more comfortable to spend time among those with whom I share an understanding about how best to live together.

The Lord is giving me tremendous lessons in humility, courage, faithfulness, patience, forgiveness, and trust. I can see my needs for spiritual development more clearly from this place.

I have read good books, and been to good, helpful programs, but I could not learn the things I am learning now from any book or weekend retreat.

I don't have a television, I buy locally grown organic food as much as possible, tell (and show) the people I love that I love them.

In a nutshell - I follow many of what I understand to be the Spirit's leadings in my daily life.

Thanks for your blog!
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