oh Frap! - no pin for us

So this is a cool little map/gizmo

But I can't figure out how to put myself or anyone from FFC on it.

The red and white pins are out (designated EFI and FUM)

We aren't really unprogrammed, and we all know that the way Friends use liberal and conservative you can be both at the same time! (yeah, us)

I want a purple Convergent pin.
OK, I'll now reveal this: I'm the one who created the Frappr Quaker map and am the "administrator". I have now created a "convergent" option for thee. Unfortunately, thers is no purple color tag offered by Frappr; however, I did choose yellow. I hope you like that. Please now include thyself! :)
I had a hard time deciding what I was and chose "conservative Friend" as the only one I haven't actually been part of but like the most. Funny how we as Friends have such a hard time defining ourselves! There should probably be a new colored tag for eacher person. =)
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