1000 th visitor!

Dave Carl from the great State of Arkansas is the One Thousandth visitor to Silly Poor Gospel! And this on the one month aniversay of the Blog. The prize, Dave, if you e-mail me a snail address will be a copy of Friend Alivia Biko's CD The Art of Life

I have been in Arkansas, although it was during the remnants of Hurricane Agnes, and I am afraid I didn't see much beyond the windshield wipers. I do remember wondering how it came to get it's name. How does the modifier AR change Kansas? I do remember that Arkansas had more hills than Kansas so perhaps the AR signifies 'bumpy' therefore 'bumpy Kansas'. Or perhaps Little Rock was settled by Pirates thinking about pillaging Witchita, as in ARRGH-KANSAS!

Dave has been taking me to task for endangering children back in the archives of last month which is always appreciated.
( I mean that!) I no doubt have pirates in my family tree.
Wow, I never win anything!

According to the Ark-ives, the name "Arkansas" is:

"From the Quapaw Indians, who were called Akansea by certain other tribes. The name means "South Wind."

Ark-ives. Gotta love that. So, is there still anything worth pillaging in Wichita? We could send a delegation to look around.

In Friendship,

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