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You can read my column today over at United Press International's religion and spirituality forum at

It is a longer version of what I had already written about Tom Fox. I am the only overt Quaker voice on this forum,( MargaretBenefiel write about business and spirituality) and near as I can tell the most 'progressive' Christian. It felt like I should speak to our loss. It feels like a pretty huge responsibility.

There are a lot of good writers, also some very conservative ones and a sizeable minority of non-Christian writers. The editor says that he is looking for more non-Christian writers - I think he has his fill of Q's. So far my editor has fulfilled the promise of not editing the column for content - for this I am grateful. I would have you know that I do not have control over the title or the teaser - mostly he uses my 'suggestions' but not today - I submitted it titles as "Celebrating Tom Fox". You can find archived columns under the tag for 'columnists'. I send you that way so that you can see in the left hand column there is a bit of FUM Quaker news. I have a hunch that this bit might not have made the news column if I had not raised the awareness of Quakers. It is an interseting opportunity.
Thee has been faithful, from what I can tell. As you say, "It is an interesting opportunity."

Liz, The Good Raised Up
I like the line in the description of you: "freelance provocateur of grace"

I will mull that over for a while. It reminds me of some of the other people I've known that have done CPT type work. Would that have described Tom Fox? In what ways am I one? In what ways do I not feel free to be one? How is fear holding me back?
it's a good gig when you can get it.
The money sucks but the compensation is unbelievable!
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