Quaker Orphans update

As of yet, no one has stepped up to take on the Rwandan AIDS orphans project presented by Habimana Augustin of Rwanda Yearly Meeting. But I do have more information from our African Friend. Here is his e-mail to me in repsonse to my request for more specific information. (Frw means rwandan francs, $=US dollars)

Dear Peggy,

How are you ! What news do you have nowadays !
My family is okay and we hug you in the name of our Lord Jesus.
I would like to send you the Project Proposal we have for 70 orphans gathered in our Association.
The project proposal is to contribute to the amelioration of the life condition of 70 orphans garthered in "UMUTIMA W'IMPUHWE" association.
The project has 3 different parts which compliment each other.

I. The First Part of the Project

The first part of the project is about Feeding SOSOMA Porridge to 20 orphans of AIDS who are more vulnerables than others in the association.These orphans suffer from the bad nutrition,They need a kind of porridge (SOSOMA)which is rich in different vitamins which build and protect them from sicknesses.
If an orphan can get his simple food plus that SOSOMA ,the bad nutrition he is encountering may disappear.
If an orphan can get 3 kilos of SOSOMA per month,2 kilos of sugar per month,and 3 piecies of soap per month,this can help them to survive.
The first part of the project needs 840.000 Frw = 1525 $ US and this amount is found in the following:

* 3 kilos of SOSOMA x 400 Frw x 12 months x 20 orphans = 288.000 Frw = 523$
* 2 kilos of sugar x 700 Frw x 12 months x 20 orphans = 336.000 Frw = 610 $
* 3 piecies of soap x 300 Frw x 12 months x 20 orphans = 216.000 frw = 392 $
The Total for the first part of the project is : 1525 $ US

II. The Second part of the project

The second part of the project is about a "SEWING WORKSHOP"for 70 orphans of AIDS garthered in the association.
This project can increase their knowledge,help them to work together,help them to fight against stigma,and it can provide money to support them and their families.
The project needs the following :

* 4 sewing machines : 4 x 40.000 Frw = 160.000 Frw = 290 $
* 1 buttonhole machine = 120.000 Frw = 218 $
* 1 yard of cloth = 60.000 Frw = 109 $
* Spare parties of machines =60.000 Frw = 109 $
* 1Rrnting room = 20.000 Frw per month x 12 months = 240.000 Frw = 436 $
* 1 Teacher = 30.000 Frw per month x 12 months = 360.000 Frw = 654 $

The Total of money needed for this project is 1816 $

III. The Third part of the project

This project is about "Supporting 70 orphans" of AIDS to study and finish their studies in primary schools.
This project needs 2.520.000 Frw = 4581 $ for 70 orphans per year. This amount is to pay uniforms for 70 orphans, their school-fees for one year,their note-books for one year,their pens,soap,and their simple medicines.

I know the heart of love you have for unhappy people. Continue to pray for this project. We are with you in prayer and we hope that God will provide Friends who can support this project.

May the Lord continue to bless you in whatever you are doing.

Yours Pastor HABIMANA Augustin

OK - Friends $1525 to feed 20 orphans for a year
that is $76 a YEAR per orphan
or $6.25 per orphan per month

Somebody out there wants to go to sleep knowing they have fed these babies.

Props to Eugene Friend Meeting and Eugene Friends Church for jointly taking on the Trauma Healing center in the DRC Congo.

Props to Carolann Palmer and the women of the quilting society of North Seattle Friends Church for taking on the Women's Shelter in Giheta Burundi and well as a womens sewing project in Uvira DRC.

I am praying for the ones that feel called to this opportunity. Alivia
I am praying for the ones who will step up for this opportunity of love.
I'm a tad confused. Is this sort of request like that of "Feed the Children" wherein people "adopt" a child by sending an annual donation (in this case $76)? Or were you hoping that someone or a church would send in the lump sums that you listed in your post? Or both?
I think that the only sensible approach here would be if some church or meeting decided that they wanted a third-world project, and would take one of the three projects. It would be a meeting to meeting or church to church sort of thing. If someone/s step up I will put them in contact with Augustin and let it go from there. I can testify that this is a solid, probably graft-free opportunity - a rare thing. I am sure that endoresment from Augustin's YM, and from the EFI workers in Rwanda , David and Debbie Thomas could be had. The Thomases are coming home soon on a break and I am hoping that they also will be carrying a concern for AIDS in Africa.
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