It's Our
is two years old today!
On March 25, 2004 Freedom Friends Church was created by action of a Quaker business meeting.
There were four friends present. Since that time this fresh expression of Quakerism has grown quickly and vigorously.
We have:
gone from a living room meeting
to a backyard meeting
to a one-day a week rented room meeting
to seven day a week rented rooms meeting
built a kickin' website that gets a hundred hits a day
found nearly 30 people who come to meeting at least occasionally
taken in 11 full members, with one more pending; 3 by transfer from EFI, one by transfer from FUM, one by transfer from FGC and 7 new to Quakerism
participated in service projects
received Many Quaker visitors
had multiple education events
picnic, potluck, and movie watch together
sent a financial contribution to half a dozen Quaker and other humanitarian causes
Had a budget with a surplus each year
Kept our standing committee's to ONE - but have had task forces, clearness committees, healing groups, 12-step groups, and nearly everyone in the meeting has a ministry in the world
But my favorite thing that has happens regularly is to hear people talk about the work of transformation that God has done on them through this church
Party time at Meeting for Worship tomorrow! Funny hats optional
Let's try and not have the terrible twos!

How wonderful!

In the words of a Minnesota birthday song now popular among some Friends (minus the actions that go along with it, but you can imagine them)--

Jump up, turn around, and have a happy birthday!

Blessings for the continued good work of Freedom Friends Church...

Liz, The Good Raised Up
Happy birthday! May God bless and keep you always.

Robin M.
What Canst Thou Say?
FFC Rocks. I am privileged to be part of this beautiful community that God is weaving together. I am looking forward to the party. Alivia
Happy b'day to Freedom Friends Church. I would love to visit with you folks one of these days!
Add my congratulations and gratitude to the others'. You are onto something very powerful and very important.

(The song Liz refers to is sung to the tune of "Green Corn.")
ah, you funny midwesterners - you have songs for corn!

Worship this morning was fun! Having a big cake in the center of the worship space was nice, but the best part was the balloons which we batted about like beach balls at a concert during worship. I think balloons really enhance the worship experience.
Wishing I was there to blow one of those kazoo whistles for you all!
I find myself wondering how you got started. Like, right at the beginning.

I also find myself wondering how you managed to do this with just 30 people.

And what you do.

And how you get 100 hits on your website every day.

I have more questions than answers these days...
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