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The Weekend in Berkeley was good, very good. Pastor Max described it as a "Feast of fat things" - hopefully a obscure Quaker reference and not a description of me and Marge. Since it was Oscar weekend, I want to thank a few people - on this blog at least I don't think I can be 'played off' by the orchestra. We want to thank the Gages for their excellent hospitality - the last morning walk up the boulders of Berkeley was especially sweet - thank you for getting me good coffee when you don't drink it yourself, Nikki. Max Hansen just about worked himself to death recording the weekend for cable TV. It would never be a priority of mine, and I think that this is a big blind spot that I have, and so I am grateful. Max's crew was gracious, creative and attentive. Helen, dear, I would never have had the nerve to do improvised theatre without you - never plan to do it again - so you have that distinction.
The turnout was good and we are grateful to everyone who came - You stimulate us to better thinking. Having a pew full of bloggers was sick. Robin you were ubergracious in hosting dinner after a long day. The dinner conversation was fascinating - watching the bridge being built between EFC-ER and SF MM was a thrill. Pam, again you continue to be a provocateur a wonderful weirdness in my life and the Oscar Party was a trip.

The proof that the weekend was unctioned was how whipped I felt when I got home - well -used. Tomorrow I have to get back to my regular life. I am committed to trying to write up some of what we did - and will post some of it here. The folks at Freedom Friends church don't want to wait for the DVD.

gratefully yours,
Peggy, thanks for your thanks. It was a wonderful weekend. Even knowing how much work it was, I'd do it again in a second.

"Feast of fat things" is a phrase from Isaiah 25:6. Early Friends used it to describe a particularly wonderful meeting for worship.
Some of the bloggers don't want to wait for the DVD either. Please let us all know whenever such a thing becomes available, and how to acquire it!

Liz, The Good Raised Up
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