A Fearless Faith

I believe that we are called to live out a fearless faith. By far and away the most common word that follows the word “Fear” in Scripture is “Not”. But please notice that I do not say that we are called to live out a fearless life. Jesus knew fear – it is shown to us in the Garden of Gethsemane. Peacemakers know fear. I have known fear working in Central Africa.
Fear is a fact.

But Quaker faith is not based in fear – not fear of death or hell or of anything natural or supernatural. Our faith is based in the certain knowledge that we can have an unmediated connection to the Divine; that this connection transmits leadings; and that we can act on these leadings with quiet, courageous confidence. Our faith is based on the experience of transformation, in ourselves, and in the world around us.

The next two blogs will be about the rightful and wrongful place of fear in our lives.

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