I will now start some short blogs hitting on the major topics that Marge Abbott and I brought to Berkeley under the title of God’s Agenda for us – Will we cooperate? The weekend felt pretty fruitful to us – we will probably do the thing again – mostly likely as a series of talks possibly under the title of Dangerous Quakers: a hopeful look at the future of Quakerism. I am not going to blog them in the order that we presented them. Friend Robin, who was present, has given some reviews here and following on her blog. I think Robin’s contribution is great – because while it seems accurate to my memory – it is always useful to hear how the ideas we meant to present were actually perceived. Saturday was prepared speaking – although lightly prepared – we had a mutual outline and several meetings to talk about what we felt led to bring. The Sunday message was a message in the Quaker sense – I did not prepare it much at all except to spend time with the scriptures – and did not share it with Marge before the fact. About messages; all I like to hear afterwards is “thee was faithful”. Although in Berkeley a very seasoned Friend did come up to me, and with a smile on his face, sincerely thanked me for the message, and said that he didn’t like it one bit! Which was great, since it was sort of prophetic – he knew this and so did I.
Hi, Friend Peggy...

I was among the Friends who shared with you that time in Berkeley. I never got to thank you, nor Marge, and I want to do that now.

One incidental comment I heard you make, in talking about Susan B. Anthony. You said, by way of praise, that she was the only Friend "who ever made it onto cash." Maybe someone has already mentioned this to you, but Elizabeth Gurney is on the British 5 pound note, and Inazo Nitobe was (until 2004?) on the 1000 yen note.

Again, thank you both for coming to be with us...

Eric Moon
Hey Peggy,

I heard that parts of Quaker Heritage Day in Berkeley were videotaped. Is that true? Do you know who might be the keeper of such things?

Hi Rob,

Max Hansen, Berkeley Friends Church has been working on those tapes. He had three camera's and a full sound booth operating. He is working on making them good enough for cable access TV (?!?) I have seen the credits and intro bits for the Sunday morning sermon and they were quite dramatic!

He is probably getting home just now from FGC where he did a every morning workshop so he is likely exhausted. YOu can reach him by googling the church site - contact ifo is there.
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